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Rental Market

The rental market can be tough in today's market! For an investor looking into buying rental properties make sure the profitability is there.

First time investors if you are getting a loan make sure the rent will cover the mortgage amount including fees. Evaluate the property to see what the rental amount could be and make sure its at least three hundred more than the mortgage. Have questions or need help? Amplify or most property managers can help you.

Need repairs? Get multiple quotes! Three per job to ensure your getting the best deal.

Seasoned investors if your paying cash you may be able to buy a house that needs some work. Ask your realtor for repair estimates and help. Amplify has many vendors and will help coordinate repairs for the best price.

Don't manage it yourself! You are asking for trouble. There are people who can be very nice that want free or cheap rent. One bad tenant can cause a lot of damage and cost a lot of money!

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