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Angelica Castro


Angelica Castro is a very motivated individual. At the age of 13, she was accepted into a college prep school. By sophomore year of high school, Angelica started attending college classes.

 She obtained her first accounting job at 16 and by 17 was managing 15 companies and millions of dollars each month.  Two days after her eighteenth birthday she obtained her real estate license.

 Since then Angelica has built an accomplished career in California earning a masters degree in  business and even opening her own brokerage along the way. Today, she is the broker and owner of Amplify Real Estate and Properties where she supervises an elite staff to assist clients throughout Northern California. Angelica has a passion for helping people, teaching her agents to put the client first and to always be honest.

Angelica is an active consultant for several businesses, has helped start many companies and is an owner/partner in five companies. She has a wide variety of expertise and is often able to help guide clients to a desired outcome. She is the V.P. and board member of a local non-profit and dedicates her time to helping people in multiple ways. She is a active professor and teaches Real Estate, Managerial Accounting, and several other various business courses at local universities. She believes in cultivating the next generation of industry professionals

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